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It all started when...

Steady Flux started in 2007 as a ragtag group of engineers lead by our C.E.O., Dan Lofstrom, who wanted to quit their normal jobs as mechanical and aerospace engineers to build a better mousetrap. From the beginning we knew that we had something better than the large companies we worked for and could do things faster, better, and cheaper. We quickly found out that we could do all of these things as we expected, but had almost 0 customers who would hire a bunch of goofy engineers with no real compass as to what we do.  

So, instead of giving up we decided that we could do almost anything and we sure did try. With our creative minds and hard work we won contracts ranging from designing a new Xbox controller to writing software code to predict crack propagation in airplane wings. We dipped our fingers in any and every part of the engineering world and brought our unique knowledge and experience in the various industries to put in to our own products and designs. Although we mainly focused on mechanical engineering for heavy industries like oil and gas and the marine industry, we also got involved in all sorts of wacky projects such as designing and building cube rooms for the clothing store, Uniqlo. 

Today we still offer our broad experience in a variety of industries to help our customers. We still provide engineering services for a variety of customers and industries, but have broadened our capabilities by now having two separate entities to help support our customers. Steady Flux, Inc. provides expert engineering support in the maritime industry and has an expert staff highly proficient in fluid dynamics, structural analysis, and optimization design. Our staff of professional engineers and designers are leaders in their perspective fields and often are called upon as expert witnesses. We have over 10 years of experience as a company in the design of everything from unmanned underwater vehicles to Washington State ferries, and continue to be engineering leaders in the Pacific Northwest.

Our second company, Steady Flux Technologies, was formed to focus on new technologies and research for the oil and gas industry. Our products and services are used around the world in oil refineries to help the inspection of pipelines and fired heaters. We have accomplished both small and large projects ranging from developing an un-tethered camera pig that visually inspects the inside of pipes to designing a large containment shell to seal off a leaky 8' diameter hydrogen pipe while it was under operation. Our technologies are ever expanding and we are focused on developing tools that help access pipes for inspection that everyone in the industry has previously considered "inaccessible". 

Our two companies have helped solved complicated engineering solutions for a variety of industries and we continue to grow and prosper by providing quality and flexibility that is not found in any other company.