naval architecture

Steady Flux has been performing naval architecture for customers ranging from the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Army to small fishing boat captains around the world. We provide expertise in stability, strength, and seakeeping properties of both subsea and surface vessels. Situated in the pacific northwest has allowed our engineers great access to a variety of marine engineering projects. We not only provide analysis for commercial and private customers, but also provide expert witness testimony and investigations. 

hydrodynamic analysis

Our engineering design team have been using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) for over 15 years to predict fluid flows and properties of a variety of engineering problems. We often follow each design we work on from concept stage to CFD analysis, to tank testing, and then to full vehicle development and implementation. 

Structural analysis

Our finite element analysis team has analyzed ship structures on a variety of platforms and vessels. We keep up with all the latest standards from ABS, Lloyds of London, and the U.S. Navy to ensure that our designs and analysis are quickly adapted by our customers. We perform everything from simple static structural analysis to shock and vibration verification as well as modal analysis of any and all marine structures. 

Expert witness testimony

As a firm specializing in naval architecture and mechanical engineering, we are well versed in providing expert witness support for a wide array of maritime related lawsuits. Contact us today to get our CV's and a report of our recent expert witness cases.