header delivery system

Our common header delivery system (HDS) allows access to pipes in fired heater previously inaccessible and "unpiggable". Each HDS is specially designed and built for the refinery's asset to ensure that downtime is minimized. Our HDS technology is used in refineries around the world and we have helped mechanically decoke and smart pig assets for dozens of customers. 

Steady Flux demonstrated great expertise, patience and professionalism, not to mention flexibility. You found a way to expedite long lead materials and overcome design challenges to deliver a tool that not only worked, it worked well.
— TA Procurement Team, BP, Cherry Point Refinery

TEchnical specifications

  • Access to tubes ranging from 2" to 10" with common headers ranging from 6" to 54" in diameter.
  • All smart pig companies can easily navigate our 1D bends 
  • Rated for pressure up to 850 psi that ensures that our system will work with all mechanical decoking companies.
  • Reduces down time and allows access to tubes inside a common header without the need for cutting or welding tubes.
  • Readily available in many configurations for rush jobs.
  • Certified and tested per ASME, API, and ASTM standards as well as a professional engineer.
  • Custom materials available to ensure no contamination within the fired heater (titanium, UHMW, stainless steel, etc.)
  • Engineering oversight on all jobs to ensure the process is done expediently and safely.